Electrician Eastern Suburbs

Local electricians providing complete electrician services and an emergency electrician 24 hour call out service in the eastern suburbs Sydney.
Prompt service - best rates - local electricians - licensed and insured - 24 / 7 Emergency Electrician Service

  • 24 / 7 emergency¬†electrician
  • wiring upgrades
  • R.C.D. safety switch installation
  • energy efficient lighting
  • electric hot water system repairs
  • new phone lines
  • data cabling
  • new switchboards
  • power outage fault finding
  • circuit breaker replacement
  • electrical safety inspections
  • business electrical work and installation
  • down lights
  • additional t.v. antenna sockets
  • new gas lines
  • garden taps installed
  • low voltage lighting
  • smoke detector installation
  • new power points installed
  • l.e.d. lighting installation and service
  • t.v. antenna installation and repair
  • garden lighting
  • security lighting
  • emergency lighting
  • electrical repair work
  • electrical fault location and remedy
  • outdoor power points installed
  • strata electrical work
  • light switches installed and replaced
  • chandelier lights installed
  • internet cabling and sockets
  • commercial electrical work
  • commercial kitchen plumbing
  • energy audits / energy saving

Electrician Eastern Suburbs Sydney – Providing Prompt, Quality Electrical Work At Very Competitive Rates

Even when the surf is up at Coogee beach you will not find us there. Instead we will be working for a valued client doing what we do best – quality electrical work, using brand recognised electrical components and responding to clients needs for an electrician the same day, every day. We work hard to keep up with new developments in eastern suburbs electricianselectrical technologies. Most home owners and businesses in Sydney’s eastern suburbs are fully aware of the availability of new energy saving devices, from l.e.d. lighting, which can use up to 90 percent less electrical energy than ‘standard’ incandescent or halogen light globes, to fully integrated home automation systems. In 2016 these ‘smart home’ electrical systems can monitor your homes heating and cooling requirements, are ‘smart’ enough to know if you are at home or not and then ‘manage’ via data cabling or wireless technology to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. They will also dim your lights automatically, switch security lighting on and off and pipe your favorite music through your home. An electrician in 2016 needs to be across these developments and know how to install and commission them.

easten suburbs electrical services

Our day to day ‘bread and butter’ electrician work still remains, largely, the more ‘traditional’ work of an electrical contractor. We do a lot of installation of new power points, particularly in older homes and apartments. Suburbs like Bondi Beach, Bronte, Rose Bay and Edgecliff have a lot of older style apartments that tend to have a very limited Residual current device (r.c.d.)number of power outlets in them and we are often called to install extra power points. Likewise, older homes can have very outdated and potentially quite dangerous electrical wiring which, over 40 or 60 years has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. Rewiring properties calls for an experienced electrician who is aware of the vagaries of construction methods of houses and units in the past. Running new power cabling through cavity walls and replacing outdated and again, potentially hazardous switchboards is our ‘stock in trade’. Remember, our emergency electrician service is available 24 /7 to all eastern suburbs residents and businesses.

Electrical safety is always our priority. We can do all residual current device (r.c.d.) (also known as ‘safety switches’, an example of which is pictured to the right) installation and regular testing. These devices have saved countless lives. These devices work by monitoring the electrical current flowing through the mains electrical wiring in your home (or business). When an electrical current ‘imbalance’ is detected, which could be due to someone receiving an electric shock, for example, the r.c.d. will cut the supply of electricity incredibly quickly – typically in the time that is less than a human heart beat!